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Steven Viera

Young Professional Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Steven Viera is a young professional based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Over the course of his education and his career, Steven has sought opportunities to sharpen and leverage his skills in communication and leadership in order to share ideas, forge connections, generate solutions, and inspire growth. He currently serves as an Acting Concierge Manager at BrandYourself—a premier online reputation management firm—where he leads a dedicated team of digital branding specialists while executing a series of projects to grow and advance the business at large.

Steven grew up in Freehold, New Jersey, where he lived with his parents and two younger siblings. In 2007, Steven Viera joined the Boy Scouts of America on the invitation of a friend, and the program immediately engrossed him. He quickly became a fixture at the various day trips and weekend campouts his troop organized.

In time, his adventures on the trail evolved into opportunities to grow as a young man and as a leader, and he credits these experience and the mentorship he was lucky to receive from troop leaders and friends with laying the foundation stone for his maturity. He was elected and served for a year as Senior Patrol Leader of his troop, and after completing a service project to install a prayer garden at his family’s church—with just hours to spare before his 18th birthday—Steven Viera earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

Steven attended Franklin & Marshall College and earned his bachelor’s degree in history in 2016 in addition to a minor in sociology. As the first in his family to attend college, he decided to make the most of his experience and immersed himself in every on-campus opportunity he could to compliment his time in the classroom. Steven Viera joined The College Reporter, F&M’s independent student newspaper, and the Penn Eta Chapter of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity; he eventually attained the positions of Managing Editor and President, respectively.

Steven was also nominated and accepted into a number of prestigious honor societies, such as the Pi Alpha Theta History Honor Society, the Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Society, and F&M’s Black Pyramid Senior Honor Society, where he was elected President in his final year as a student. He also worked for a year as a live-in Housing Adviser (HA) to first-year students and for three years as a peer writing tutor.

F&M was the ideal environment for Steven to explore his passions and develop key skills. In his history classes, for example, careful examination of primary sources and scholarly texts honed Steven Viera’s eye for detail and his analytical mind; this taught him to formulate and deconstruct arguments as well as how to appreciate the underlying factors responsible for behaviors or trends.

Following graduation, Steven returned home and spent the summer working as a Staff Writer for Greater Media Newspapers (now In this role, he covered a beat including four small municipalities to align with Greater Media’s goal of providing hyper-local coverage to the members of the communities it served. Steven Viera wrote news and feature stories for the organization’s various print and digital publications. Several articles about which Steven was particularly proud—including a piece discussing local efforts to respond to the Zika Virus and another exploring the mania surrounding the video game Pokémon Go—were featured on the front pages of each of Greater Media’s 10 community newspapers.

Steven Viera enjoyed his experience at Greater Media beyond just his passion for journalism but also for the chance to learn about the area where he had grown up. He owned his beat: Steven generated his own story ideas; developed a network of sources to contact for leads and quotes; researched articles through interviews, review of documents, and attendance at events; and helped edit his peers’ work prior to publication.

Five months into his tenure at Greater Media, Steven handed in his reporter’s pad and returned to Lancaster, where he had attended college, to begin a position as a Reputation Specialist at BrandYourself. In this role, he oversaw a series of online branding campaigns for a portfolio of 10-15 clients that required him to develop and execute strategies, create and publish content—both written and multimedia—manage social media, update websites, and enhance SEO efforts. Steven Viera also built relationships and maintained regular communication with his clients via emails, calls, and reports to respond to their questions and concerns.

After his first year at BrandYourself, Steven Viera was invited to step in to a newly-created role: Senior Reputation Specialist, a position that combined the account executive responsibilities of his previous position with various management and mentoring duties. He served as a resource for all members of BrandYourself’s Concierge Department seeking help crafting campaign strategies or with client communication, and in doing so, he played an important role in nurturing employees’ talents. During his time as a Senior Reputation Specialist, Steven also established an in-house writing center to provide writing support to all BrandYourself employees.

BrandYourself’s rapid growth opened yet another door for Steven within the organization, and in March 2018, he assumed the role of Acting Concierge Manager. He stepped in to fill a vacancy in the leadership team of the Concierge Department during a search for a candidate to serve in the permanent management position. Steven Viera managed a team of four employees, and he advised them on matters of strategy and client communication; ensured timely completion of work according to stringent quality standards; led employee development efforts, including the preparation and administering of formal performance reviews; led interviews with internal and external candidates for various positions; calculated financial projections; executed a series of business-critical projects; and more.

Steven Viera enjoys roles such as those of Senior Reputation Specialist and Acting Concierge Manager, because they allow him to sharpen his own skills in communication, leadership, and strategy while also providing him the opportunity to develop his teammates and leave a lasting fingerprint on the organizations where he works.

Outside of the office, Steven is an active member of his community. He serves as the Secretary of the Phi Kappa Psi Lancaster County Alumni Association and coordinates both internal and external communications for the group and assists with the planning and execution of events and projects. Steven Viera is also a member of Lancaster Stands Up, a grassroots organization that works to reconnect men and women from all walks of life with the political process and hold elected officials accountable to the people they serve.

Personally, Steven is an avid reader and fan of video games, which he firmly believes are a new artform for the digital age. He is a devotee of Ken Burns who enjoys hiking and exercise. Steven Viera is fascinated by Japanese culture: With the goal of one day visiting Japan, he is beginning to teach himself the language and the art of cultivating bonsai trees.